Nottingham Islamic Radio in Jihadi SHOCK

Radio Dawn is a radio station that transmits in Arabic and other foreign languages in the Nottingham area. The Radio Station was founded by Musharraf Hussain who in 2009 was given an OBE in recognition of his work in services to community relations. However it appears that recently they have decided to go down a more interesting route.

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Ofcom Investigators have just fined the station £2000 for broadcasting a chant known as the Nasheed was read in Urdu for around 17 minutes. The translation which Ofcom provided has some, let's say, choice language in relation to unbelievers who are described in it as "lowlifes" and "filthy".


Some of the extracts of the broadcast included: “Even today if we could only reignite that passion that existed among them (figures in Islamic history who had been successful on the battlefield), we too could bury the Kaafir I Murdaar [filthy disbelievers] today. If only we could reawaken the love for Jihad we could (once again) behead lowlifes like Abu Jahal. The whole world on one side and the Taliban on the other. We are required to salute and honour their display of bravery and steadfastness… It must be understood that justice will only be handed out at the point of the sword.”

Recently they have also been fined by Ofcom for advising their listeners not to take any advice from Non- Islamic Doctors. Those who run the station have apologised and claimed the broadcasts were accidental and regrettable.....

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