Northern Ireland MP stands up for Britain

At Prime Ministers Questions Ian Paisley Junior MP launched a blistering attack on the Remainers within the UK cabinet and also the Brussels elite who seem intent on keeping Britain part of the failing EU. Parliament was mesmerised with this bruising encounter and he received numerous heckles from Remain supporting MP's.

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The MP for North Antrim is the son of the famous orator Ian Paisley known for his uncompromising stance towards the EU and for maintaining British rule in Northern Ireland. The DUP in Northern Ireland are staunch supporters of leaving the EU and have been seen as one of the very few trustworthy allies for other Brexit supporters in parliament.

Whilst Ian Paisley Jr is not seen as having the communication skills of his further many from the Leave community have said that his recent statement is a welcome change from the usual soft rhetoric around the issue.

Paisley said: "Does the minister agree with me that it's about time the Government demonstrated a no surrender attitude to the EU bureaucrats, who try to blackmail us, bully us, over air flights, passenger duty and everything else? Stand up to them man, and stand up to the EU and let's get on with leaving the EU."

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