The EU says Britain can’t sign global trade deals unless they say so!

The guidelines on the transitional period were set-out by the European Union, in what is the biggest insult to the United Kingdom yet. One of the key details includes that Britain can’t sign any new trade deals unless they agree to it.


At the same time the EU has said that during the transitional period Britain will have no representation in the European Parliament and we must continue with freedom of movement. This effectively means that the UK will be locked within the European Union all but in name up until 2021.

The President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk has boasted that the United Kingdom will be POWERLESS during the so-called Brexit transition period.Donald Tusk boasted that the deal would mean the UK would be stripped of her decision-making powers in the bloc during the transition period but would still be subject to its laws, demanding the supposedly sovereign nation “will respect the whole of EU law including new law.

“It will respect budgetary commitments; it will respect judicial oversight; and of course all related obligations,” he added.

This is unacceptable, the UK is a laughing stock to the world, we are effectively a colony of the European Union during the transitional phase

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