Ministers and other MP's are not Happy

At last Theresa May appears to be showing a bit of courage in standing up to the self serving elites who have been running the United Kingdom into the Ground. Downing street has confirmed that the protocol for giving former ministers a peerage in the House of Lords has sensationally been Scrapped!

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This is an attempt to bring down the bloated number of Lords from 792 to 600. The House of Lords is considered an absolute joke to modern democracy with many using it to cream ridiculously bloated expenses. Perhaps the biggest change from this is that former Chancellor Osborne will not get a peerage which according to reports has seen him meltdown in fury.

The tradition is that former chancellors have been granted a Lordship after stepping down from the commons. However Osborne has been a vocal critic of Theresa May, the Government and the British People's democratic decision to exit the EU and has burned many bridges. The Establishment is not happy with this rule change and a push back is expected.


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