Migrants to be CHARGED DOUBLE for using NHS!

The cash-strapped NHS will now be given £200 extra in surcharges from migrants living under the UK, as outlined by ministers. 

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Well-off migrants living in the UK at the moment have a surcharge off around £200 towards NHS coverage, that will now increase to £400 pounds. 

Health minister James O'Shaughnessy said: "Our NHS is always there when you need it, paid for by British taxpayers. We welcome long-term migrants using the NHS, but it is only right that they make a fair contribution to its long term sustainability.

It comes as the NHS faces immense funding pressure, with many calling for Theresa May to give the NHS £50 billion and not the EU.

The NHS is a vital part of of our country, and many people in the country rank the NHS as the most important aspect of public service that they cherish.  

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