MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK launched to silence reporting on 'Day for Freedom'!

As the founder of UK Unity, a genuine Grassroots movement for change in the UK, one of the things I always heard from our supporters is their frustration with the biased mainstream media. To this end we launched Unity News Network a brand new and topical news and information site led by Carl D. Pearson as Editor-In-Chief.

Yesterday along with a select few brave news sites we gladly published details of the massive 'Day of Freedom' march in London which of course has been ignored by the BBC, ITV and other mainstream outlets.

The article went viral with tens of thousands of shares as well as around 100,000 page views. We then noticed a 403 Forbidden had appeared in place of our website. 

We have since been informed as above e-mail shows that a massive cyber attack has been launched on this site to try and shut down our ability to report this event and other news. However, we are confident after speaking with our web designers and hosting site that we can solve this problem and have the site back up and running shortly. The attack was designed for no other reason than to silence our voice.

What sinister forces could have been behind this attack to try and silence reporting of such an important day? We simply do not know. Our message is simple, we will not be silenced and we will continue to speak the truth.

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Read more on what a DDOS attack is here:


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  • commented 2018-05-08 14:20:03 +0100
    The media and the left in our country has been just furious with our Fox News. If it were not for Fox, we wouldn’t know about all the scandals (unconstitutional behavior) of the left and our dept of justice. Several leftists (Hillary Clinton & Nancy Polosi among others) have suggested sensorship of our freedom of speech pointed particularly at talk radio and Fox News.
  • commented 2018-05-07 23:26:25 +0100
    A 403 isn’t a DDoS attack. You’d get a time out at best. Sounds like someone pushed something stupid to production that didn’t work. I suggest you look up what actual HTTP errors mean.
    Here’s what your 403 actually means:

    Error 403: “The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated.”

    So the traffic was reaching the server.
  • commented 2018-05-07 19:53:42 +0100
    “What sinister forces could have been behind this attack to try and silence reporting of such an important day? "

    My prime suspect would be our own Government….