MASS PANIC as 4x4 vehicle ploughs into Kent nightclub

A number of people have been injured after a man drove a car into a busy nightclub according to Police. Officers attended to Blake's in Queen Street at 23:47 GMT on Saturday. One person who was there said it was "a complete mess of panic and chaos".

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A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. One witness said a 4x4 had been driven into a tented area full of people. "A man drove his 4x4 into the tent we was all in and ran people over, it stopped at my feet so any further and I could have died then he reversed up and we all ran. We ripped the tent wall apart and got out and called the police. It was a complete mess of panic and chaos."

Using vehicles to plough people down is a tactic well known by ISIS and other terrorists but the police were quick to stress it was in fact a disgruntled member of the public who had been sent away from the club taking revenge on the decision....

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