Malloch- Brown is a Disgrace!

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown heads the pro-Remain campaign Best for Britain. This campaign was founded by the notorious Gina Miller and has since received Half a million pounds from shady international financier George Soros and they are attempting to mount a campaign to overturn Brexit. 

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In a wide ranging interview Malloch Brown has described his chances of overturning Brexit at 40% and he says the confidence of he and others is growing. He says that as well as Soros they have other Billionaires ready and lined up willing to give significant funds to stop Brexit. It was his attack on the elderly and his hope that they die off that has caused massive fury and what he says shows the vitriol the establishment hold for the older people of the UK.

"Lord" Malloch-Brown smirkingly said: "Within a matter of four, five or ten years they will be in an overwhelming majority in this country as all the Brexiteers die off, because under 55 there was a huge majority in this country tailing off as you got to 65. A perfectly reasonable outcome could be a defeat of Mrs May’s Brexit package, an eruption within the Tory Party that leads to a change of leader. People are feeling themselves hijacked and kidnapped by Brexit. We have got to get beyond that". This would all lead to the spectre of a second Brexit Referendum remainers think they will win.

On taking more money off Soros he confidently predicted: "There will be more from lots of sources and I certainly would not rule out George as one of them. We have other donors who collectively are giving more than George Soros at the moment."

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