SHOCKING: Lords vow to ‘FRUSTRATE’ Brexit process!

A  Tory minister vowed to “frustrate” the will of the people over Brexit IN a debate in the House of Lords over the Government’s EU withdrawal bill.


 Lord Viscount Hailsham caused alarm among Brexiteers when he said he would do all he could to “frustrate” Government policy.


He said: “There is nothing that was said in the referendum that obliges this house, or Parliament in general, to do something which is deeply prejudicial to our national interests.

“I believe that from time to time one has to put one’s assessment of the national interest before any other consideration, most particularly before one’s assessment of one’s party interests.”

He said: “It is the business of Parliament to form a judgment and we must not shunter behind constitutional niceties in order to refrain from doing our duty. 

"I will certainly do whatever I can to ensure that we remain as close as possible to a customs union, and if I could I would also frustrate the policy of Brexit."

What do you think? Should the Lords be allowed to frustrate our process of leaving the European Union?

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