Lee Sibley views on Brexit

Jin all I’m Lee Sibley you may have heard of me from the local and international media as been seen in local papers such as Gloucestershire Live and the sun and many more mainstream media not the Dailymail as asked them and they were rude. And said who made the petition even though clearly stated. I have been seen in banning homework which went viral thanks to Conor who works at the local people and believes everyone should have a voice. Especially young people and it was thanks to him that I appeared in news as young people like himself knows how it feels.

lee sibley also featured campaigning to save our beautiful countryside which is deteriorating drastically. My view on Brexit is that’s it’s a mess as we have a remainer PM Theresa May who obviously wants to remain and will do anything. The politicians don’t want to see our country prosper. I am 16 years old and I have not been indoctrinated by news or schools and if I believe in something’s I won’t budge especially if I believe strongly.


I’ve had many debates in the past with college students and people who know and I’ve proved them wrong as saying that we will get our country back such as our borders. If we stay then you see uncontrollable immigration which will have devastating impact on public services!

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