It's Time to Unite the UK and Leave the EU


We are a campaign that seeks to preserve and strengthen the United Kingdom.

We believe that our new relationship with Europe and the world offers us the opportunity to make the real change that we all desire. 

We seek to hold to account those who wish to undermine the voters of this country and our decision to leave the European Union. 

We will use cutting-edge social media campaigning to take our message far and wide, as well as traditional methods like street events, leafleting and door-knocking.

We will not be shy in getting our message heard even if that means going all the way to Brussels!

We are a grass-roots movement that has the best interests of our country at heart. 

Like many we are worried about the lack of unity in this country.  We are being betrayed by a political class who are taking advantage of an exciting time for their own agenda. If we just sit back and leave this to the out-of-touch elites, they will continue to let us down.  We cannot afford to be let down. 

We are a not-for-profit limited company and a social enterprise, we are a small hardworking team dedicated to our shared aims.  We are a non-discriminatory organisation open to all.  

By supporting us we will together:

  • Hold the political class to account
  • Not allow the vested interests of big business and globalist elites to sabotage our voice
  • Ensure the integrity of the United Kingdom whilst others seek to undermine it
  • Make certain there is no second referendum on our membership of the EU
  • Ensure the promise of a new and brighter future


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