Labour set for Massive U-Turn on Brexit

In what is being seen as a massive betrayal of the many Labour working class areas that resoundingly voted for Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn is considering backing staying in the EU Customs Union. The biggest influence appears to be coming from Unite the Union who have bankrolled the Labour Party and hold massive sway over Corbyn.

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Staying within the Customs Union will mean that the UK will not be able to strike any new trade deals with countries around the world and many have said that this will continue to hamper the British Economy by being tied to the influence of what Germany wants to achieve for its economy as the Customs Union favours Germany.

Votes scheduled to have taken place on the Customs Union have been pushed back due to the spectre of Tory Remainers siding with the opposition and it is felt they have enough votes to bring down the Government. Although pure speculation there is talk that Corbyn is considering shifting Labour's stance to support a second referendum on the terms of the deal.

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