Labour Betrays Leave Voters and Backs Staying in the EU's Customs Union!

Labour has betrayed the Leave voters of this country and is now in support of the customs union with the EU after Brexit, in its attempt to derail Brexit and ignore the democratic will of the voters, who have overwhelmingly decided that they want to leave the EU and all of its institutions.


Jeremy Corbyn is to announce the change in Labour's Brexit approach during a speech this Monday, following many weeks of discussion within the party. 

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The people of this country and their decision to leave the EU, must be respected.

Unity is the voice of the hardworking people of this country who have voted leave and are aiming for a better future for their country.  We want to hold the government to account, and ensure they do not go back on their word. 

Gina Miller's campaign is bankrolled by billioniare George Soros, we are not. 

If you would like to support us financially then please press here. 

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  • commented 2018-03-15 01:09:52 +0000
    So The current pm is alright? Yet Corbyn is a traitor? How..he’s been working so damn hard on helping the UK’s homeless, He wanted to better the NHS and his priorities were basically the same as this pages, he’s all for working citizens being treated correctly, rather than raising tax for the poor and lower it for the rich..he’s already despite losing started to build shelter for the homeless and he’s continued to campaign for a better NHS.