Juncker wants to get involved in British Politics!

As Brexit tensions continue to mount outgoing EU Commission President has taken a massive swipe at the UK and its handling of the Brexit negotiations. Juncker who is known for being drunk at meetings and having eye watering expenses bills never turns down an opportunity to rub it in.

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Juncker was former Prime Minister of Luxembourg that had a total population of 400,000 people vs the 66 million of the United Kingdom. Juncker is a career bureaucrat and during the EU Referendum many saw his intransigence as one of the reasons why British voters decided to show who was really the boss. 

When asked how negotiations were going Juncker replied: "I'm not the British Prime Minister. It would be good for Britain if I was, but I am not." It would be interesting to see how Juncker would perform at the polls in a UK election i he planning something?

Do you detest Bureaucrat Juncker as much as us?

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