Jacob Rees Mogg condemns Enoch Powell speech!

Jacob Rees Mogg, who for many is seen as the future of the Conservative Party, has been universally praised and criticised at the same time for his thoughts on Enoch Powell's famous 'Rivers of Blood' speech. The speech was read out on the BBC last night with many criticising the move while others said that Powell has been proved right.

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Rees-Mogg used the event to share an article that his Father wrote in The Times stating that Powell's speech was evil, Rees Mogg said: “My father’s view which has stood the test of time about Enoch Powell’s speech”. A poll by panorama at the time stated that 74% of British people agreed with what Powell said. Others have argued that with crime rates and social discord rocketing Powell has been proved correct.

Rees Mogg has been attempting to portray himself as some form of radical but many others have argued that he is as establishment as they come. He is a multi- millionaire brought up in circumstances far removed from the life 99.9% of the population live.

He was universally lauded for speaking out against Powell by Liberal commentators and academics but many of his previous supporters have savaged him with many saying he was a fraud and an establishment sell out. He has a fortune estimated at £100 million pounds and despite having 6 children famously claimed to have never changed a nappy...

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