Is there a terror link to Leicester explosion?

Since the explosion on Hinckley Road in Leicester there is still no confirmation as to the exact cause of the massive explosion, 5 people have been confirmed dead and many more are missing. This comes as an apparent hoax bomb found in Edinburgh last week has since turned out that it could have potentially been a viable explosive device.

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The explosion took place above the Zabka convenience store and Leicester is well known as being an extremely multi-cultural area with scores of wannabe Jihadis having gone to Syria. Previously in Spain an explosion was initially thought of as a gas leak but was in fact a Jihadi bomb that was being prepared.

"The cause of the explosion and fire is still yet to be determined and we will work closely with colleagues from the police as our enquiries into the circumstances continue today." Said the local Fire Chief. Nearly 24 hours later and there is still no concrete explanation of what is going on.

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