Is the whole Russia story one giant Smokescreen?

Russia's Pravda newspaper has now stated that 'We are in a state of Real and Full-Scale Cold War' over the Sergey Skripal Incident. This follows diplomatic expulsions from around the world of Russian officials who are believed to part of their considerable security apparatus. Most would agree that Vladimir Putin is certainly not without his faults and that Russia is now in many ways a gangster state run by Oligarchs who steal from their own people.

Stealing from your own people is also done in Western Governments and through the corrupt EU so it is rather hypocritical for Europe and the West to take such a moral stance on this issue. It has also become increasingly apparent that the priorities of the Government and the media in continuing to highlight the case are not with what is really happening in the UK. While it is in no doubt worrying that a chemical agent was used in the streets of the UK and innocent people have also been hurt, the alleged target is hardly a Saint. Likewise it still has not been proven whether or not Putin or his associates were directly behind the attack but could in fact have been done by rogue elements from Russia or elsewhere.

In the last few weeks we have seen explosions in Leicester, cars driven into nightclubs, policeman attacked with swords and numerous grooming gangs that have been attacking underage British girls in the most sordid and disgusting ways. Yet you will hear very little about this on the mainstream media or see the Government take decisive action like the way in which they did over the Chemical Attack.

We would argue that the perpetrators of this attack in Salisbury must be identified and brought to justice. If it is proven that Vladimir Putin directly ordered this then it should be up to the International Authorities such as the UN to take the lead. In the meantime the grandstanding of the UK Government can be seen as a smokescreen to hide its woeful handling of the Brexit negotiations and the carnage and lawlessness that is taking place everyday on the streets of the UK. The longer the Government and the mainstream media continue to ignore this the more people will become restless.

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