Incredible, you won't believe what North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un just did!

Kim Jong-un has become the first North Korean leader to set foot in the South for 65 years as he shook hands with President Moon Jae-in at an historic peace summit on Friday. The dictator crossed the 38th parallel and embraced his sworn enemy before both men walked together to a welcome ceremony of South Korean soldiers.

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Moving on to the truce village of Panmunjom, Kim signed the guest book at the Peace House, which will be the venue for talks focusing on whether the North can be persuaded to give up its nuclear bombs. He wrote: " New history starts from now, at the historic starting point of an era of peace."

Kim said that his heart 'keeps throbbing' during his visit that comes ahead of a summit with President Trump and amid renewed hopes he will give up nuclear arms. But there are also suspicions that Kim's nuclear program has been terminated by damage caused by a recent earthquake. In televised talks shortly afterwards, Kim said he was ready for 'heartfelt, sincere and honest' discussions with Moon, although he did not mention giving up his nuclear weapons programme.

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