INCREDIBLE leaked letter could DESTROY Diane Abbott!

The Labour Party is currently in open warfare over a number of reasons. Jeremy Corbyn is attempting to balance his lack of enthusiasm for the EU with a parliamentary Labour Party overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU. Corbyn had hoped that by backing labour staying in the Customs Union it would have been off to see off the rebellion but it has only emboldened Labour remainers.

So much so that yesterday former leadership contender and senior cabinet figure Owen Smith came out and backed another referendum in article for the liberal Guardian newspaper. Corbyn took swift action and sacked him immediately but in a stunning twist it has been revealed that his former lover and closest confident Diane Abbott has not always been so loyal!

In the letter pictured above, that has just been released, Diane Abbott has also admitted in private that she sensationally wants a second EU referendum! In public she has been vague and guarded on a second EU referendum but this letter shows how she truly feels on the issue. This was enough to see Owen Jones get the sack and therefore Diane Abbott must follow and if Corbyn gets rid of her then her frontline political career will most likely be finished.

In a number of recent interviews she has continued with the pattern of not knowing basic figures or facts about her role as shadow home secretary and many regard her as a liability to the Labour Party. It will be interesting to see whether Corbyn employs such ruthlessness towards one of his oldest and closest friends....

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