INCREDIBLE-German Ambassador says we should shut up about the WAR!

The German Ambassador to the UK has caused outrage in his last week in office when he said that we only voted to leave the EU because we keep going on about the war! He said the notion Britain stood alone during the war and could do so again was nonsense.

German ambassador Peter Ammon (file image) today claims Brexit was fuelled by the image of the British standing alone against the Nazis during the Second World War


Peter Ammon the outgoing ambassador said indignantly: "History is always full of ambiguities and ups and downs, but if you focus only on how Britain stood alone in the war, how it stood against dominating Germany, well, it is a nice story, but does not solve any problem of today.

I spoke to many of the Brexiteers, and many of them said they wanted to preserve a British identity and this was being lost in a thick soup of other identities."

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He also blamed the Brexit vote on populism and a lack of knowledge amongst voters, many studies have since proven that nearly all Leave voters were fully aware of what they were voting for and that is to be a sovereign country in control of it's own borders.

One prominent Leave campaigner said "This is typical of the elitist attitude that resulted in people voting to leave the corrupt German dominated EU. He really has a cheek to talk when it was Britain that did stand alone in the face of his countries aggression and murderous regime. He should be ashamed of himself for what his country did during the war and grateful for Britain's sacrifices."

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