PETITION- Stop & Deport ALL illegal Immigrants entering the UK now!

The United Kingdom has always been an open, welcoming & tolerant country but enough is enough. For years the people have been wanting Immigration levels cut drastically and while this has been promised it has not been delivered upon.

We now have the ever increasing spectre of people entering the country illegally. We neither have the money nor the resources to cope with this influx when we can barely fund our public services properly, there are homeless on the streets (including our veterans) while many families are forced to use foodbanks.

Those crossing the channel from France are not 'refugees' or 'asylum seekers' but unvetted and illegal migrants in our country. We will be sending this petition to The Home Secretary Sajid Javid demanding the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants and for him to pursue a far more robust approach in dealing with those attempting to enter the UK illegally.

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  • Bernard Fenton
    signed 2019-01-03 19:02:14 +0000
  • Dale Edds
    signed 2019-01-03 18:58:21 +0000
    Dale Edds
  • Chris Wood
    signed 2019-01-03 18:48:46 +0000
    chris wood
  • Frank Mumby
    signed 2019-01-03 18:11:57 +0000
    Frank Mumby
  • Peter Aylett
    signed 2019-01-03 17:41:58 +0000
    Peter Aylett
  • Beverley Atkinson
    signed 2019-01-03 17:41:21 +0000
  • Derrick Doran
    signed 2019-01-03 17:15:04 +0000
  • Linda Ibbetson
    signed 2019-01-03 17:12:38 +0000
    They’re not refugees or asylum seekers, theyre an invading army, waiting for the signal to attack us.
  • Rosemary Hopkins
    signed 2019-01-03 17:08:17 +0000
    Rosemary Hopkins
  • peter green
    signed 2019-01-03 17:05:29 +0000
  • Nicole Davidoff
    signed 2019-01-03 17:03:14 +0000
    Nicole Davidoff
  • william fagg
    signed 2019-01-03 10:52:54 +0000
  • Mark Shephard
    signed 2019-01-02 21:57:02 +0000
  • Jane Marcantel
    signed 2019-01-02 19:26:24 +0000
    Fighting age men and no one is doing anything.
  • Anne V Robertson
    signed 2019-01-02 16:47:40 +0000
  • Donald Moore
    signed 2019-01-02 14:54:17 +0000
    Its time to show the world we are not an open Country, but one that looks after our own people first, like we did in the last war.
  • Mandy Sylvan
    signed 2019-01-02 14:06:27 +0000
    mandy sylvan
  • Charles Lamb
    signed 2019-01-02 11:47:24 +0000
  • carol leyland
    signed 2019-01-02 11:34:41 +0000
    I am signing this because I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe that we the BRITISH public DESERVE to be PROTECTED from what can only be described as ILLEGAL ALIENS. Who LARGELY consist of young men, with unknown backgrounds, values and beliefs that are TOTALLY incompatible to OURS!
  • Stephen Morrison
    signed 2019-01-02 09:36:28 +0000
  • Adrian Wymer
    signed 2019-01-02 01:22:50 +0000
  • Leslie Burton
    signed 2019-01-02 00:19:25 +0000
  • Margaret Tansley
    signed 2019-01-01 22:20:51 +0000
    I hope that I would always welcome geuine refugees, no matter what. These people are not, however, fleeing persecution. They are leaving from France. I lived in France for 15 years until 2013 and I promise that it is a safe country where they could settle happily. They have no right to invade Britain. They should be taken back immediately.
  • Stuart Ellis
    signed 2019-01-01 19:30:36 +0000
    I am not unsympathetic to people seeking to escape from tyrannical regimes but it is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the UK or Europe to absorb an unlimited number of immigrants, and the only way to stop them is deportation.
  • Mike Kennedy
    signed 2019-01-01 19:22:05 +0000
    May should not have signed the Marrakech Declaration, it goes against the wishes of the majority of Brits, at the next election the Tories will be toast.
  • Theresa Hince
    signed 2019-01-01 19:07:58 +0000
    What are you doing to the people of this country?. Even more importantly , why are you doing it?.
  • Glenn Barron
    signed 2019-01-01 19:07:07 +0000
  • John Webb
    signed 2019-01-01 19:01:51 +0000
  • Elmars Liepins
    signed 2019-01-01 18:15:47 +0000
    The Law in EU says that Migrants must register in first safe Country they come to . France is safe so under EU LAW Return them within 24 Hours , Once you do that it WILL STOP as the will not pay vast sum of Cash to be sent back within 24 Hours .
  • John Day
    signed 2019-01-01 18:12:28 +0000
    Its illegal just the same as a burglars breaking in to your house, would you offer him your home. no you would kick him out ,