If Rees- Mogg & The Tories back the deal today then the Tories need to be DESTROYED!

Theresa May sat last night with an unelected technocrat who said that Brexit may not happen at all. She sat there with a glum and pathetic look on her face. Under NO circumstances can her deal be allowed to pass. If Rees-Mogg and the ERG do capitulate and they support this pathetic deal then in my opinion the Tories deserve to be wiped from the electoral map. This deal is NOT Brexit despite what might be being said!

It involves paying £39 billion to the EU, ever closer military ties and being subject to ECJ decisions! We would still be a quasi member of the EU with ZERO say in it May. The issue surrounding the Backstop is pure political posturing and drama. Absolutely nothing has changed to make this deal a proper Brexit.

The ONLY real Brexit is a full and clean WTO Brexit and on behalf of our 50,000 supporters I will be messaging where I can to MP's saying they must say NO! Please email your MP's or tag them in on Facebook and Twitter that they must vote this treachery down. If not then they and the entire Parliament deserve to be out on their ear.

If you agree then Sign Here NOW!

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