House of Lords set to vote tomorrow to BLOCK Brexit

The coming week is set to be another difficult week for both the Government and the British People as the House of Lords are set to put up more roadblocks to halt us leaving the EU. Brexit legislation has already been roundly defeated in the Lords and has seen big moves in the commons to keep the UK part of the EU Customs Union

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The cross-party amendment is being pushed by Traitor Tory Douglas Hogg, also known as Viscount Hailsham, and it would force the Government to obey demands to delay, change, or even stop Brexit. He said the amendment is: “strengthening the arsenal available to parliamentarians to stop this unhappy process”. Hogg was the MP who famously claimed expenses for his moat to be cleaned and he now has this cushy job for life in the Lords.

A government spokesperson said: “Labour’s flawed amendment seeks to tie our hands by inserting false deadlines and shifting the power to negotiate from Government to Parliament. The Conservatives are taking the scrutinising role of Parliament seriously, to improve an essential piece of legislation. Labour are using it to frustrate Brexit.”

Although the House of Lords does not have legislative authority it is seen as guiding and influencing and acting as a 5th column for remainers in the House of Commons.

We say Abolish the Lords NOW!

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