His Bombs Couldn't Break Us Apart


We believe in the United Kingdom and what it can achieve in a post-Brexit world. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom and we believe it should remain so. 

This cannot be said without considering the troubled history of the province where many lives were sadly lost and here on the mainland. It also cannot be denied that major demographic shifts are also taking place in Northern Ireland whereby the previous Unionist majority appears to be in decline.

Leaving the European Union is being used by forces to whip up feeling and anger we had hoped would have been consigned to the past in Northern Ireland. There is an element in Northern Ireland who would like to see a United Ireland at all costs and we do not seek to engage in that argument.

What we wish to see is a pragmatic argument that being part of the United Kingdom benefits all of the communities both economically, culturally and socially and move away from the entrenched divisions of the past. 

We are not naive to the many problems still facing Northern Ireland, but we will always make the case that the interests of the majority of people across it are best served in being part of the United Kingdom.

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