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  • signed Petition- Save Stroud & Save Rural England! 2019-02-07 10:50:10 +0000
    We have enough third world economic migrants living off the welfare state & breeding at the tax payers expense. Start repatriation, along with the politicians.

    Save Stroud & Save Rural England!

    According to the respected think-tank Migration Watch UK: "Our central concern is the current massive level of immigration which, if allowed to continue, would mean that the population of the UK would increase by 10 million in 25 years, 82% of it due to future migrants and their children. Migration is, of course, a natural part of an open economy and society but it must be sustainable and must have the assent of the British public - yet many in the media and political class have long dismissed widespread public concern and the strong view of a clear majority that the current level of net migration of around a quarter of a million a year must be significantly reduced."

    My name is Lee Sibley and I am a pro-Brexit activist who lives in the beautiful village of Stroud in Gloucestershire. My village could be anywhere in England. It is full of good local people and has all the values that forms the backbone of our nation. Sadly our council wants to ruin this by selling land for the building a staggering 12,000 homes destroying our village. Now it's Stroud but soon it will be everywhere. We simply don't have enough homes for all these people coming to Britain. We need to look after our own people. I am asking you to sign this petition we will submit to Stroud Council and also the Prime Minister. If you want England to remain a green and pleasant land then please sign NOW! Lee

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  • commented on We are fighting back against the betrayal of Brexit! 2019-01-22 16:12:43 +0000
    You dont hold a vote on brexit & the people decide to leave the EUSSR. Then becuase you dont like the result hold another vote. Its like holding a general election & deciding thwe party voted in was the wrong party so we hold another election. What is it the remoaners dont understand. If this is reversed its the end of democracy & the start of civil war.
  • commented on Dominic Grieve's Amendment to SINK brexit LEAKED! 2019-01-20 18:22:34 +0000
    2050 Therea May flies back to brussels to renegotiate Brexit deal. Last white anglo saxon person dies out in england. The UN declares britain to be an official third world refugee camp. Its just a monty python sketch, its not really happening.