Hardworking People Ripped-Off by RIDICULOUS rail fares!


The people of this country are being ripped off by the extortionate rail fares that continue to rise above inflation.  We represent the hardworking people of this country, like yourself - and we know that the the increasing cost of rail fares is shocking. 

We want the Government to brings these down so that more money can go into the pockets of the hardworking people of this country, and not the rail companies who continue to rip us off! 

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  • commented 2018-03-16 07:09:26 +0000
    The Government controls rail fares through the Franchise System
    The rail network is nationalised in all but name. A rail franchise has to follow the precise specification set by the Department for Transport in the same way that for example a McDonald’s Franchise has to follow the precise specification of McDonald’s HQ, the difference being that McDonald’s specifies branding to make it clear it is controlled by McDonald’s, where a rail Franchise has to use it’s own branding and appear to be in control and take public responsibility for Department for Transport decisions.
    The exception are the small number of Open Access Operators such as Grand Central, Hull Trains, Heathrow Express etc, and surprise surprise, these independent train operators who set their own fares at a commercial level have passenger satisfaction far higher than train operators controlled by the state.
    This tells us all we need to know about running the rail network. Privatise it properly so that passenger satisfaction is the best possible.