Halal meat report reveals shocking details

One of the countries top veterinarians has come out and spoken publicly after he launched an investigation into Halal Meat and the conclusions are startling. He has found that not only are everyday British People eating Halal meat in items such as pies and ready meals they are also coming from "unstunned" animals.

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There has been a significant rise in the slaughter of "unstunned" meat as many religious leaders in the Islamic community feel that it is not in keeping with their laws. Just last month Lancaster County Council lost a court case whereby they had to start using meat slaughtered in what is termed "religiously pure" ways. The Foods Standards Agency produced figures earlier this month showing the number of sheep slaughtered in Britain without being stunned doubling in more than six years to more than three million!

In his report Lord Trees said: "It is almost certain that meat which hasn’t been stunned is getting into the normal food chain. Many members of the public are understandably not aware of it. 

It’s very difficult to have accurate traceability when meat may go through the food chain and pass through several different people’s hands. Various parts of it will go in all sorts of directions into different food chains and different processing systems, often different countries. It then emerges as a meat pie or a ready meal or whatever.

Lord Trees said that killing animals without stunning them beforehand causes ‘pain and discomfort’. In his article he called for all meat to be clearly labelled as ‘stunned’ and ‘non-stunned’ to ensure the public knew what they were buying."

Many British people will be concerned that not only is Halal meat in the food chain but even the considered barbaric unstunned meat is also being eaten unknowingly everyday by millions of people up and down the country.

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