Guess what is going to happen to all the JIHADI'S coming back from Syria?

In an interview with a well read free-sheet handed out to Londoners in the evening, the Justice Secretary has caused consternation with his latest remarks. With the war in Syria starting to wind down and ISIS continuing to lose territory David Gauke MP (pictured below) has said that the UK us currently preparing for them to return by funding additional prison places and preparing a plan of action for them with the Prison System!

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Gauke said: “There is a likelihood that we are going to see people returning from the Middle East in the months ahead and many of them are going to become our problem within the prison system. We need to make sure that there’s the proper approach to them. We need to ensure that there are incentives within the prison system for those that do the right thing and are engaging and facing up to what they have done”.

“We need to have a prison system that encourages that and places significant demands on people in these circumstances to understand society’s values and norms and what we are about as a country. We could be talking carrots or we could be talking sticks.”

Gauke refused to comment on how many jihadis he expects to return to the UK although it has previously been revealed that around 15 per cent of the more than 850 UK based fighters who went to Syria are thought dead with around 400 having returned to the UK. This could mean that another 350 terrorists could be returning to the UK soon. He also did not elaborate on how it is even remotely possible to rehabilitate trained ISIS fanatics back into society.

Questions are being asked as to why they are not being deported immediately and who the responsibiity will lie with if any of these highly dangerous and trained Jihadi's commit a terrorist atrocity on the streets of Britain? Likewise this will represent a significant cost to the already overburdened British Taxpayer in funding a comfortable prison life for these individuals. Also upon release with limited abilities to earn an income they look set to end up on benefits and in a taxpayer funded property!

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