Grenfell Tower Fraud Revealed!

A Zimbabwean woman who claimed that her home was destroyed and husband killed in the Grenfell Tower fire has been found guilty of fraud. Joyce Msokeri filled an entire room at Kensington's Hilton hotel with donations after pretending she was a grief-riddled victim of the disaster. 

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As well as claiming goods, accommodation and cash handouts, worth a total of £19,000, Msokeri made up a massive insurance scam claiming foron her non existent husband's death. After she started to become rumbled she told investigators she had found out her husband had survived and had been living in a cave in Margate where he was relying on food handouts from tourists! The Judge Michael Grieve paid tribute to the jury for their "good humour" during the trial in after being subject to Msokeri's attempts to delay the trial that included regularly pretending to be ill and disabled causing many delays.

Two relatives of one of the real victims of the fire were in the public gallery to listen to the verdicts being read out. In one crazy moment she tried to pretend that one of the relatives was her actual Husband! Msokeri was convicted of three counts of fraud and a charge of possessing a false document. She has been jailed for 4 and a half years. She received Legal Aid during the trial.

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