GINA MILLER in outrageous new scheme to halt Brexit!

The campaign Best for Britain has received donations in the tens of millions and has started to significantly up its campaign to keep us in the EU. George Soros, the billionaire international financier, has given them millions and they have the full support of Tony Blair and Nick Clegg. They are spending millions on putting up billboards across the UK demanding another referendum on leaving the EU.

Image result for best for britain BILLBOARDS

The billboard pictured above is in a prime location in Leicester Square and there images are all over Facebook and twitter in expensive paid for promotions. Lord Malloch Brown is the Soros employed Chief Executive and he has said in the next 3-6 months they will spend so much money on the campaign people will change their minds.

As if this wasn't enough well known remainiac Gina Miller has said she is now prepared to launch another legal challenge to stop Brexit and she is confident she will win! She claims that smears surrounding leave vote finances are enough reason to hold another vote.

Miller said: “As a transparency campaigner for more than 10 years, I have long had a sense that something was not quite right about the EU referendum. I warned back in November 2017 that the leave campaign seemed to be awash with dark money that may have circumvented rules designed to uphold the integrity of our democratic process. I am now even more convinced that there must be a people’s vote on the Brexit deal, including an option to remain, or remain voters will have good reason to shout foul play.”

Do you agree we all need to do our part and fightback against these traitors?

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