Gina Miller in new plans to thwart Brexit!

REMAINER Gina Miller has branded the 'will of the people' as 'utter nonsense' as she called for Britain to have another referendum on Brexit and urged students to 'get radical'. The anti-Brexit campaigner told students at Cardiff University to 'get radical' as she called on them to push MPs and force another Brexit referendum on the British people.

Miller said: “They have to stop talking about this nonsensical will of the people. It is pure and utter nonsense. Democracy is not one day, one time, one vote and the will of the people. It is a social construct that was brought up by the far right. It is nonsense.

“The will of the people changes on a daily basis depending on the issues of the day. The will of the people is not something that is set in stone.”

However, Miller admitted that Parliament is not in Remainers’ favour as she called for the students to 'get radical'. She said: “The maths in Parliament are not on our side. We have got to get radical. I’m sorry but we do. And we have got to find ways of not just doing it by turning up to rallies. We’ve got to do it on social media at every opportunity.”

Miller is still calling for Britain to have another Brexit referendum. She said: “We have got to be able to push the politicians and if the politicians don’t want to get their hands dirty then you push them for a people’s vote. It is, as I said, the most democratic thing to do."

A Remain-backing campaign group, founded by Ms Miller but which she is no longer a member of, launched a half a million-pound poster campaign in March as part of their bid to stop Brexit. Miller has a bad habit of reading for her money bag when things don’t quite go her way.

The posters spanned all across the U.K including London’s Leicester Square, Canary Wharf, Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, Birmingham Grand Central and Manchester’s Arndale shopping mall and Liverpool’s Media Wall.

Best for Britain, the group funded by Gina and responsible for the poster campaign, said: “We are fighting to keep the UK open to EU membership. Because that is what’s Best for Britain. We are working to make sure citizens of the UK can make a fully-informed decision on the future of our country, in or out of Europe. The biggest decision on Brexit is yet to come: whether we should accept or reject the final deal.”

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