Get Lost Gordon


The failed former Prime Minister just won't go away. While launching his latest book to swell the already overfilling coffers of his foundation, he stated that if it looks like people change their minds, then we should have a second EU referendum. Likewise, he thinks the UK should move to a Federal system of Government.

Coming from a man described by a former colleague as "having zero emotional intelligence" we really cannot take this seriously. Whilst in office he gleefully signed The Lisbon Treaty but thought he was being smart by not turning up until later in the day so as to not look too pro EU.
As a Prime Minister he utterly failed to connect with the public and left the country with a bankrupt economy. He famously described an elderly lady voicing concerns on immigration as "That Bigoted Women."
Our spokesperson David said "It is embarrassing that Gordon Brown still thinks that he has a role to play in modern politics, he appears to be far more comfortable making speeches around the world to big businesses and foreign governments. We suggest he sticks to that and enjoys his retirement rather than letting his bitterness continue to ooze out at the British People".
At Unity we simply say; GET LOST GORDON!
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