Gary Lineker in sickening attack on Brexit fishermen

Yesterday the hardworking fishermen of the UK took to the River Thames to protest against their sell out to Brussels and the EU over fishing rights in the next two years. They were supposed to be joined by Jacob Rees Mogg and other Tories to throw out the fish but apparently they refused to join with Brexit hero Nigel Farage to make the protest. The liberal media has been awash with sneering over the fishermen but none more so than the comments of £1.75 million a year rent a gob Gary Lineker.

Lineker (pictured above on twitter) is describing brexit hero and man of the people Nigel Farage and the skipper of the vessel Aaron Brown as "Slimey, Smelly & Slippery". This is reminiscent of Bob Geldof when he was seen gesticulating against Working Class men fighting for their livelihoods in the face of EU Repression on Fishing Rights. Lineker is a well known defender of Mass Immigration, refugees and also liberal causes and this is not the first time he has made disgusting remarks about Brexit supporters.

A massive twitter spat has since ensued between him and Nigel Farage and many others The scathing tweet did not go unnoticced by Farage, who replied and said: "Gary thinks it's funny that an entire British industry has been devastated. He is in the same category as Bob Geldof." Calls continue to grow for Lineker to be hauled before bosses at the BBC for getting involved in politics as he also recently criticised UKIP for its new log. Some of the fishermen were also deeply upset by the comments from who they said used to be their hero.

UK Unity Opinion- Lineker is typical of the sneering, overpaid, taxfunded BBC and establishment who look down their noses at the honest decent hardworking people of the UK. His liberal attitude to everything is absolutely sickening as his overall attitude. As taxpayers we should not be paying for this cretin to air his ridiculous views. He should be sacked NOW! Sign up with us if you agree by clicking here.

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