French student walks free for possessing knife after saying he needed it because of BREXIT!

A French student was let off by a judge because he feared Britain after the Brexit vote, claiming there was “violent Brexit voting Brits”. The 20 year old man tried to take a butterfly type knife into the club, by was thankfully stopped by bouncers.


Deborah Minett, mitigating, said: "He used to hear stories about how dangerous the streets of Britain were and animosity to people from foreign countries.

"This is in the background of the Brexit vote when he first started his degree. This worried him."

The man admitted to having the knife in a public place, however, the justice system felt it wasn’t in the public interest to sentence the man.

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A user on the express made this comment on the matter: “Firstly, carrying a knife is an offence, secondly a butterfly knife is prohibited anyway, so he should have had a sentence. He only carries a knife if he is prepared to use it, self defence is no defence.”

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