Former Canadian Defence Minster in Shock Claims

Paul Hellyer served as Defence Minster to Canada from the years 1963-1967 and in an incredible interview with an online podcaster he has made some astounding claims. He states that "The Illuminati", a secretive organisation that controls the world is very real and causing havoc.

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Mr Hellyer is the first senior government official to come out and make these claims stating that The Illuminati are a secret cabal who actually have the ability and technology to avert Global Warming but choose not to as they are paid for by multinational petroleum companies and middle east governments.

Hellyer has now gone public in saying: "You have a got secret cabal that's actually running the world and they've managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in the trillions of oil assets that they've got.

And it's not going to change until hundreds of thousands of people band together and say look "you've got to come clean, tell us what is going on, and change your priorities to save the world for further generations instead of blowing it on wars."

Whilst there is no way to independently verify these claims there is numerous examples of wealthy globalists attempting to influence society and the democratic process such as Billionaire Internation Financier George Soros who gave the remain campaign £500,000 last week. Likewise through the Tony Blair foundation Blair continues to be active abroad with a number of big businesses and assisting "dictators".

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