Financial pressure mounts on the EU

Stark warnings are starting to emerge about the future of the EU due to the financial gap that will exist as a result of the UK leaving the Bloc. Britain is a net contributor of around £8billion per annum and other larger countries are going to have to make up the shortfall. This is being met with fierce resistance across the member states.

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Leaked reports have stated that top EU Official Jean-Claude Juncker has ordered all the other EU nations to raise their payments to 1 per cent of GDP. Meanwhile EU Budget Supremo Guenther Oettinger revealed has declared the EU faces a funding shortfall of around £18 billion due to the UK leaving and also the migrant crisis.

Holland is not the only country opposing paying more cash into the EU coffers - Austria, Sweden and Denmark are also struggling to come up with the money. The Dutch have said firmly: "The Netherlands can not accept increasing its gross contribution to the EU budget."

It is expected that Germany may increase their payments to the EU by paying up to £25 billion to cover the shortfall as they have most to lose if the EU collapses. However this will see German dominance of the EU continue on an even greater scale.

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