BETRAYED: UK Government in talks to extend transitional period to 2021

British officials are staging secret talks in Brussels to ensure that the UK remains within the transitional period for more than the agreed 2 years. This would mean that the United Kingdom would remain within the European Union in all but name for an extended period of time.



The British public now have to face the reality that the UK will be stuck within the European Union for much longer than promised, the politicians will allow freedom of movement and more immigration from Europe for as long as we remain within a transitional period.

The Telegraph has said:

“Britain has discreetly begun sounding out senior EU figures over whether transition could be extended amid growing disarray within the Cabinet over the ultimate terms of a long-term deal with the EU.”

Serious questions should be asked, if our government is plotting to extend the transitional period already then will they do this indefinitely? The UK could be stuck in this terrible limbo period until 2030 or beyond at this rate.

Many who voted leave are fed-up and want to leave on the agreed date of March 2019 without any transitional period, as this is seen as a clear ploy to trap the UK within Europe for much longer.

A “no deal” scenario should be planned for and ready, the UK government have already conceded on more than enough. A bad deal, will be bad for everyone, we say enough is enough, we need to show Brussels who is boss.

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