EU-Gangsters can get stuffed!


The EU-gangsters want Britain’s cash to fund their failing EU project.  The United Kingdom has opted to leave the failing EU, and the EU-Gangsters must accept the democratic rights of the British people.

Nicola Sturgeon wants to reverse our will to leave, she would rather Britain paid billions more to the EU than fully withdrawing, this is unacceptable. Jean-Claude Juncker and his allies in Brussels wants to punish us for leaving their failing union by charging the British taxpayer billions. 

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UK Unity wants to unite the UK, as we leave the EU.  We don’t want to pay a penny more to the EU – our voices need to be heard loud and clear; no ifs, no buts, we want out the EU NOW.

The globalists-elites within the EU want to see Britain fail, and by attempting to charge us billions, they hope to put financial pressure on the government to reverse our vote to leave, this cannot be allowed to happen.

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