SHOCKING: EU ready to punish Britain during Brexit transition

The European Union is planning to punish the UK if it does not sign up to new EU laws during the transitional period by stopping access to the single market.

Under plans the EU demands the UK must sign up to all new rules and regulations or face punishment under a new clause, leaked documents show.

The document states: 'In addition, the Governance and Dispute Settlement Part of the Withdrawal Agreement should provide for a mechanism allowing the Union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the United Kingdom from participation in the internal market where it considers that referring the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union would not bring in appropriate time the necessary remedies.’

This will enrage Tory Brexit MP’s who say this clause would effectively turn the UK into a colony of the EU during the transitional phase, which is not on in their books. This move will move many into the agreement that the UK should leave without any transitional period.

Brexit Secretary David Davis, has called for a clause so that the UK does not have to sign-up to any EU laws that it does not wish to sign-up to. However, this is most likely to be ignored by the European Union.

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