Government Minister not concerned about 400 Jihadis

In extraordinary scenes in the House of Commons this week the MP for "Vulnerability, Safeguarding and Countering Extremism" Victoria Atkins said that the majority of people coming back from conflicts in the middle east posed no danger to the UK.

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Atkins was responding to questions within the House of Commons and she has caused consternation among many and is seen to represent the flippant attitude of the current government to terrorism.

During questioning she responded: “As we have stated previously in the House, we know that more than 850 UK-linked individuals of national security concern travelled to engage with the Syrian conflict.

“We estimate that over 15% of those who travelled have been killed in fighting in the region and just under half have returned to the UK. A significant proportion of those individuals who have already returned are assessed as no longer being of national security concern.”

It is suspected that many thousands of Jihadi's may be freely roaming the streets and public concern is growing as to what events may unfold in the future.

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