CRAZY- EU Human Rights FARCE!

Muhammad Hussein and Muhammad Rahman have recently won a case at the High Court after complaining they were forced to pray in a dirty and smelly immigration centre near Gatwick Airport. The case was against Home Secretary Amber Rudd and follows a pattern of judges supporting Asylum Seekers in their cases.

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Pictured above is the inside of a typical immigration removal centre and the decision has been taken in line with laws made by the European Union. Judge Holman concluded that their "human right" to freedom of religion enshrined in Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached.

Holman decreed that their right to say prayers at specified times in a clean area had been removed when they were kept in 12 metre-square holding cells.

Judge Holman said the men suffered from "indirect discrimination" due to the prayer requirements of the Islamic Faith.

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The successful claimants could be in line for a considerable payout funded by British Taxpayers.


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