COUNCIL ELECTION RESULTS: Disaster for Labour and UKIP better than expected for Tories!

While results are still being counted across England it has been a very poor evening for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party where they failed to make the significant breakthroughs they had hoped for. The Tory wipeout in London that was predicted did not materialise with the party sensationally gaining the area of Barnet which many say is down to the anti-semitism scandal engulfing Labour.

The Tories also picked up votes from Brexit supporters in safe Labour areas and for an opposition it is a poor set of results. The other big story of the night is the total collapse of UKIP where they have gone from 92 seats down to 2 although they did make gains in Derby. Again in seaside towns it looks like the Tories benefited from the collapse of UKIP.

the pollster John Curtice said: “It’s not clear Labour are anywhere near being in a position to win an early general election… the truth is there isn’t really much for the Labour party to celebrate this morning”.

Michael Thrasher the pollster also agreed: “What Labour has failed to do is establish itself as a party that can win the next general election… It’s certainly not a good night for Jeremy Corbyn.”

OPINION- It could be seen that Theresa May will be pleasantly surprised with the results whilst Corbyn is suffering badly for his confused stance on many matters including Brexit. UKIP is yet to find a role for itself and will struggle to maintain a position at the heart of UK politics. Overall though turnout is extremely low at less than 30% in some areas and people in general don't trust or like the political system in the UK but have to vote for what they feel is the least worse option to secure Brexit and a brighter future for the UK.

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