Corbyn is betraying Millions of Leave Voters

With the news yesterday that a Jeremy Corbyn Government would see us signed up to the Customs Union the attacks on him have been savage from both outwith and within the Labour Party. On the streets of the Northern Industrial Heartlands there is outrage that a manifesto pledge has been broken and that we may still have to accept free movement of people.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hit back by warning that the Labour plan would mean the UK becoming a 'colony' of the EU

Boris Johnson above gave perhaps the most accurate description of what Britain would be under the Customs Union and that is simply a Colony of the EU. Labour Leave hero Kate Hoey was equally damning: "I hope Jeremy realises that to divert from the recent manifesto would be a hammer blow to those Labour supporters all across the country who came back and voted for us precisely because of our unequivocal position on leaving the EU."

This has all come about because Anna Soubry has tabled an amendment to the EU Withdrawl Bill on the Customs Union and it is felt that there may be enough Tory Rebels to cause a Government defeat which could lead to a cataclysmic chain of events that sees a second EU referendum in a worst case scenarion. The Tory "Rebels" are: 

Anna Soubry (tabled amendment)

Nicky Morgan (Treasury select committee chairwoman)

Sarah Wollaston (Health select committee chairwoman)

Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon MP) 

Stephen Hammond (Wimbledon MP)

Heidi Allen (South Cambridgeshire)

Bob Neill (Justice select committee chairman)

Antoinette Sandbach (Edisbury MP)

Dominic Grieve (ex attorney general)

Ken Clark (Rushcliffe MP)

Jeremy Lefroy (Stafford MP)

Vicky Ford  (Chelmsford MP)

Ex Vaizey  (Wantage MP)


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