Corbyn BACKS Unity & UK Yellow Vests!

In a stunning intervention Corbyn has come out to support the UK Yellow Vests after he retweeted an article by Unity News Network and said that they ROCK! Alas it is a shame that Piers Corbyn's younger brother has not intervened to do the same!

Piers Corbyn is a former Labour Councillor who still rails against austerity and inequality but unlike Jeremy he appears to be far more in tune with the working classes of this country after previously calling for a full WTO Brexit!

While his outspoken comments on Brexit have caused some anguish for Jeremy it appears that the mainstream media are more keen to portray him as some form of eccentric. He is a world renowned long range weather forecaster and is regarded very highly by those who know him. He is outspoken in his opposition to man made climate change.

He also represents the quandry posed to the Labour Party in that initially they and the wider socialist movement were totally opposed to the UK endorsing the decision to join the Common Market in 1975. As a member of the EU and it's Single Market anti- state aid rules have meant that the UK has been unable to take decisions to protect its key industries such as steel & manufacturing. 

Many have said the modern liberal Labour Party would see true socialists, such as Tony Benn & Michael Foot, turn in their grave as they are displaying the lack of belief in democracy that they so railed against.


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