Confronting The EU Elites!

On Friday the 24th of November, Unity attempted to confront the EU elites directly at the EU commission office in Edinburgh.  Sadly, they refused to answer the door to our calls.  Their hide-away attitude reflects their unwillingness to confront ordinary working people.

We at Unity want to ensure that we unite the UK, as we leave the EU -  that’s why we felt the need to send a message to the EU elites directly; We want out now, and we’re not giving them a penny more. It’s imperative that you sign up, if you haven’t already by clicking here.

Together, we can send the politicians that won’t listen, and the EU elites a message, that Britain will not be shoved around.  We are a strong country, they need us more than we need them, that’s why they’re adamant that they charge us billions to leave their dreadful European Union.

We will try again to get in touch with the EU commission, but if they don’t answer our calls in Edinburgh, then we may have to go directly to Brussels.  

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