LIAR: Cameron ADMITS remainers LIED during EU VOTE!

Currently in Davos, Switzerland the global elites are meeting in secretive surroundings to discuss all that is wrong in their world. They are all discussing how bad Brexit is to their plans to exploit immigration and workers to their own benefits.


In a shocking secretly recorded video David Cameron has admitted that all the fear stories about Brexit were basically a load of made up garbage.


Cameron and Osborne, both Eton and Cambridge educated, spent the entire EU referendum campaign telling the British people how it would lead to recession and an economic apocalypse. They even got their friends in the banks and big business to come in and also make statements to scare the British public into how they should vote.

All the statistical evidence since leaving the EU has shown that all of these organisations and the civil service engaged in a deliberate campaign to spread fake news but with the result it showed that the British Public have lost all faith in those holding positions of authority.

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