Scottish Tories betrayed the British Transport Police - Not the SNP!



The Scottish Conservatives today are calling for a stop to the planned merger of the British Transport Police with Police Scotland. This merge would end the BTP in Scotland forever.

This planned merger is nothing but a stunt to eradicate anything “British” from Scotland, with a job to cleanse Scotland and make it a purified Scottish State. This is nationalism in its worst form, it should not go ahead and the SNP should be held account.

The Scottish National Party, however, are only doing what they are established to do, which is to seek separation from the UK. This stunt is nothing of a surprise, it is what happens when a secessionist party wins power.

The big surprise in this all is that the blame lies with the Scottish Conservative Party. Namely, Adam Tomkins, who is their constitutional spokesperson and who spearheaded the Smith Commission talks- which agreed on a transfer of powers to the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Conservatives agreed to devolve the responsibility of transport policing to the Scottish Government, they did this in complete naivety that the SNP would retain all aspects of the force.

Devolution has a purpose to decentralise power, it should never be used to appease the separatists, which is what the Scottish Conservatives did in their decision over BTP. Giving the separatists complete control of a British Transport organisation, is recklessness in its highest form. That is why we at UK Unity demand that the Scottish Conservatives apologise to the workers of BTP for the mess that they have caused.

Adam Tomkins, the Scottish Conservatives MSP is to blame for this failure in particular. His incompetence on this issue is outstanding, he should be ashamed. That is why for the Scottish Conservatives to stand in the devolved chamber and argue that BTP merger should be stopped, is political hypocrisy. We say the Scottish Conservatives are a fake unionist party. Who do not care for the working people of this country, they need to understand the blame is with their incompetence and not with the SNP.

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