Britain set for SECOND EU Referendum!

George Soros funded group Best for Britain has stunningly revealed that the UK could potentially stay in the EU due to a loophole in Theresa May’s negotiations it has been revealed. Best for Britain has launched a legal challenge  based on claims that existing legislation means a new referendum will be held if Theresa May proceeds with plans for Britain to remain part of some EU bodies such as the European Medicines Agency.

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The news comes after the founder of Best for Britain, Gina Miller, argued Brexit will be stopped as support to remain in the European Union has been growing. Miller argues this would represent a transfer of powers to the EU which would trigger a referendum under the 2011 European Union Act.

Best for Britain boss Eloise Todd said: “This is not about Leave or Remain. It’s about making a democratic choice according to our constitution, given that many are worried about Brexit.”

Commentators have noted it was Gina Miller's first successful Legal Challenge that forced parliament to have a final vote on the EU deal and with some of the best lawyers in the land available to them they think their chances of success are high.

Do you agree we need out all of the EU institutions now!

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  • commented 2018-03-12 07:56:25 +0000
    Well said Barry. Totally agree!
  • commented 2018-03-12 07:48:17 +0000
    These two need to be taken to rehab to learn what the word democracy actually means, we are well aware that the eu is democratically deficient and only likes to accept referenda which produce the result it wants, but there is no reason why the rest of the population should rush headlong into this Orwellian nightmare of the rich just doing what suits them and stuff the majority. Let’s get this straight there so far is no nation, thank goodness called eu. There is no such thing as an eu citizen, just people of 28 nations being forced to accept an unelected executive telling them what they can do or think, they are citizens of ever more downtrodden nations. It is time we had a government standing up against the imposed job closures by Brussels and a government willing to stand up for our rights. and someone willing to stand up to selfish money grabbers like Soros or self publicists like millar.
  • commented 2018-03-11 22:02:55 +0000
    Please can I remain a EU Citizen? I enjoy the privileges conferred – the right to live and work in 27 other countries and the shorter queue at the airports. I also enjoy having a powerful body standing up to multinational companies abusing their position.