BREAKING NEWS- Tragic Tot Alfie Evans Father issues final plea to supporters

Tom Evans, the father of toddler Alfie Evans, has called on the general public to stand down and 'return to your everyday lives', while also praising the staff of Alder Hey Hospital, where his son has been receiving treatment.

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In the statement, he said: "Our lives have been turned upside down by the intense focus on Alfie and his situation. Our little family along with Alder Hey has become the centre of attention for many people around the world and it has meant we have not been able to live our lives as we would like.

We are very grateful and we appreciate all the support we have received from around the world, including from our Italian and Polish supporters, who have dedicated their time and support to our incredible fight.

We would now ask you to return to your everyday lives and allow myself, Kate and Alder Hey to form a relationship, build a bridge and walk across it.

We also wish to thank Alder Hey staff at every level for their dignity and professionalism during what must be an incredibly difficult time for them too.

Together we recognise the strains recent events have put upon us all, and we now wish for privacy for everyone concerned.

In Alfie's interests we will work with his treating team on a plan that provides our boy with the dignity and comfort he needs. We hope you will respect this."

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