BREAKING NEWS- Terror attacks hit France

TERROR has struck a supermarket in Trebes, Aude, in France after a gunman killed the butcher of the store before barricading himself inside. The shooter opened fire near the Super U supermarket in the town of Trebes, Aude, in south France. One policeman is known to be hurt and a hostage situation has developed with 1 hostage killed already according to reports.

Gunman claiming links to Isis takes hostages at supermarket in southern France

A group of police officers earlier were returning from a training session when a Jihadist reportedly pulled a gun and fired five times. It is known whether this is the same culprit or there are multiple attackers.  Officers from the elite arrmed response units have gathered outside the supermarket, according to witnesses. The attacker has pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS) to the officers outside. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has described this as a "serious situation and people should avoid the area and stay tuned to the authorities instructions.”

UPDATE- Terrorist now dead, shot by police!


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